Tyler James

2017 | Jedediah Smith Redwood Forest | Boy Scout Trail | Crescent City, CA, USA   ●   Grandiousity is defined by your own perceptions.


2017 | San Juan Islands | Orcas Island | Washington, USA   ●   Your character is defined by the sum of your collective discomforts. The unknown is the only place harboring great discoveries.


2017 | Great Sand Dunes National Park | Colorado, USA   ●   We are not who we think we are, only who we experience ourselves as.


2016 | Iceland | Kirkjufell   ●   Sometimes all you really need is to free yourself of the need to be needed.


2016 | Iceland | Dynjandi Falls   ●   Dust off that internal, universal thing that defines you; it's much more beautiful in the light.


2016 | Iceland | Latrabjarg Cliffs   ●   You have not felt it all. There's still so much more left for you. 


2016 | Iceland | Muses along the road.   ●   There is nothing quite like the grounding calm of self exploration. You are never done growing.


2016 | Iceland | Skogafass   ●   We were made for more.


2016 | Iceland | The long, open road.   ●   These are the lines, shapes, and colors of pure, unfiltered freedom.


2016 | Colorado | Maroon Bells   ●   You are the only thing that will span every passing collective moment. Whatever happens within you is the only thing worth cultivating.


2015 | Colorado | Piney Guard Station   ●   You are here to risk your heart.


2016 | Colorado | Rocky Mountain National Park   ●   Have the courage to follow unknown things into unknown places. The most precious gems are said to occupy those dimly lit places.


2015 | Oregon | Coast   ●   The amount of indescribable instances that have led you to here are what make your life so remarkably beautiful.


2016 | Colorado | Aspen   ●   My interest lies in those things filled with palpable intensity; passions so honest they seep into your inner being and reflect a light so bright even your deepest convictions cannot remain shaded.


2016 | Colorado | Rocky Mountain Wilderness   ●   What a beautiful thing it is, to simply exist. 


2016 | Iceland | Chapel by the Sea   ●   The best things in life can't be measured in miles, minutes, or money.


2016 | Iceland | Stykkishólmur   ●   "Overcome space, and all we have left is Here. Overcome time, and all we have left is Now.” — Jonathan Livingston Seagull


2016 | Colorado | Lake City   ●   You are not done with those nights that stay burned beneath your eyelids. There are plenty more for you. — Wherever you are, be all there.


2015 | Statebridge | The Lineup   ●   Sometimes, the ones you hold the closest are the biggest hoodlums of them all.


2015 | Laos | Vang Vieng   ●   Have the courage to follow unknown things into unknown places. The most precious gems are said to occupy those dimly lit places.


2016 | Norway | Flam   ●   We are here, and you are beautiful.


2015 | Vietnam | Halong Bay   ●   What we find hiding in the absence of expectation is the universe's opportunity to give us exactly what we needed.