Tyler James


My name is Tyler James 

I am a freelance photographer, and a brother, friend, explorer, campfire connoisseur, music lover, road trip warrior, and pensive journeyman based out of Denver, Colorado. I have an intrepid curiosity for the human condition and am never done satiating my adventurous spirit. My photography, as well as my mantras, are inspired by perspective, introspection, and connection. I believe that photography is the purest form of awareness, second only to first hand experience. Of which, the latter I am a strong proponent, and believe that personal growth is the most important thing any of us will ever do in our lives. My hope is that I'm able to share some of my own experiences in an effort to help foster yours. 

Here's where you can find me:

Instagram // Daily prose and personal work.

Design // Paying the bills as a Web Designer. Here's a look at some of my work.

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additional musing

I recently read a letter than John Steinbeck wrote his son. In this letter, one of the great author's final thoughts is a truly profound notion; "Nothing good gets away". It was one of those excerpts you read that takes a minute to sink in, but then when it does, it moves you. What I've come to know is that nothing good disappears. Once comes into existence, it will always live in that fleeting moment in time. It will always be yours. This is the value of memories. 

The camera isn't just a tool to help capture these. It's an extension of my experiences. It helps me tell a story that will otherwise go untold. My hope is that these experiences can ultimately be shared, appreciated, and kept, and that someone might find themselves within them.